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Veterinary Surgery

The importance of a trusting relationship with your veterinarian is essential when sending your pet to surgery. Whether for a routine dental exam or a more complex procedure, Grimes Plaza Veterinary Clinic promises to keep expert care at the forefront of every relationship with our patients and their owners.

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Spaying & Neutering Your Pet

Spaying or neutering your pet not only eliminates unwanted litters and decreases your pet's desire to roam, but undergoing this routine procedure also prevents diseases and lengthens the lifespan of your pet. During your cat or dog's first visit to Grimes Plaza Veterinary Clinic, our staff will discuss the best time to schedule your spaying or neutering procedure.

Cat Declaw

Every pet owner needs to evaluate if declawing their pet is best for the cat and owner alike, because it involves major surgery and recovery. If deemed necessary, we are dedicated to providing the most comfort to your cat during surgery and recovery. We promise to utilize careful and proper techniques to provide comfort and minimize stress to your pet.

Pet Dental Care

Proper dental care is an important part of an animal's health. Frequent and quality dental care can prevent a number of conditions including liver, heart, and kidney diseases. Nurture your pet's oral health with regular cleanings. Visit with our staff at Grimes Plaza Veterinary Clinic about an oral checkup to assess your dog or cat's needs.

Soft Tissue Veterinary Surgery

The staff at Grimes Plaza Veterinary Clinic adheres to the highest care standards in veterinary surgery. A graduate from Iowa State University's veterinary program, Dr. Wilson exhibits thorough and attentive expertise and competency for soft tissue surgeries ranging from oncological mass removal to wound care.

Post-Surgery Veterinary Laser Therapy

Grimes Plaza Veterinary Clinic utilizes laser therapy for pets with chronic pain, as well as to reduce pain and improve healing in animals after surgery. Veterinary laser therapy has been known to aid in the following ways:

  • Musculoskeletal pain/Osteoarthritis
  • Surgical Wound Healing
  • Traumatic Wound Healing
  • Improve Nerve Function and Nerve Regeneration
  • Release of Painful Trigger Points of Specific Tissues
  • Reduce the formation of Scar Tissue
  • Improve Nerve Function and Nerve Regeneration

Such good service and the set up and coordination of procedures flows beautifully.

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